Monday, 28 January 2013

Can A Romantic Getaway Renew Your Relationship?

Are you looking for a way to reconnect with your one true love?

Do you have kids now and never seem to find time to do those little things to show you care?

Do you or your mate feel your relationship has grown old or boring?

Do you or your mate seem to prefer being at work rather than home?

Are you or your mate afraid that the love you show now will diminish in years to come?

 If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then this is a terrific time to think about planning a romantic getaway.  Our daily lives  force us to choose how we will spend our time, and often it is our relationships that suffer.  We spend every day and every week working, caring for the kids, taking care of the house/vehicles, and paying bills.  We often feel our best efforts are not enough to keep everyone we love happy.  Sometimes we have to think back to the last conversation we had with our mate that didn’t involve bickering.  Is it any wonder that many couples find themselves growing apart?

Planning a romantic getaway together can help you remember one another’s tastes and preferences; but surprising the love of your life with a romantic getaway to their favorite destination can also be rewarding.

Take 5 minutes and picture a place you’ve always wanted to go.  Picture you and your mate doing all the things you’ve always heard were so great about that place.  Picture yourselves “catching up” on all the details about each other’s lives you’ve missed lately, and remembering all the things you love about that person. This month I’ll be posting a few ideas for romantic getaways. If you want to go through a few ideas right now click here

Feel free to share your romantic getaway ideas in the comments.
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