Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Last Minute Holidays By Air - Indonesia

Indonesia - The world's largest island archipelago combines mystique, adventure and beauty to make a heady holiday cocktail. Java's Borobudur, a Mahayana Buddhist relic, which includes 5km of Buddhist carvings and rises from a carpet of pretty paddy fields, will be a sight you wont forget in a hurry. Tana Toraja in Sulawesi is home to ethnic Toraja People and a cultural discovery. See the traditional tongkonan houses and be mystified by their funeral rites, which includes buffalo and pig carnages, tall wooden effigies and hanging graves. Head to familiar Bali and immerse yourself in its concoction of temple ceremonies, scenic treks, quaint beach town, shadow-puppet theatre and vivifying spa retreats. Kalimantan's steaming jungles and their reticent inhabitants (proboscis monkeys, sun bears and orang-utans) and the tribal hamlets are great exploration spots. Visit Komodo  National Park, home to the Komodo dragon, the world largest living lizard, and dive in its waters alongside manta rays and dolphins. Hire a mountain bike to scale Sumatra's volcanic craters, mountains and jungles for wildlife sightings, and cycle to the volcanic Danau Toba Lake.

Visa: Tourist are issued a visa on arrival (valid for 30 days from arrival, Rs.1120) your passport must be valid for at least six months from the arrival date, have at least one unused page for a visa on arrival sticker, and a confirmed return/onward ticket.

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